quinn costantini




hey, hi, hellooo! i'm quinn - a self proclaimed badass and a parsons school of design graduate (bfa in integrated design, minor in fine arts). i currently work as a designer at an agency in manhattan, and live in brooklyn.

i'm not only an artist and designer, but also a conceptual thinker, a user of both sides of my brain, a comfort zone stepper-outter with an infectious enthusiasm, and a lover of collaboration and communication. also, a very curious human being (see #10 in arbitrary information).

hit me up for some freelance work, collaborations, to say hi, to spill your secrets, or to talk about good shows to watch on netflix! (or if you want to hire me, that's awesome too).

want to know even more? about my client work & resume? 

click here for my: resume and other adult things (you're going to have to ask for the password to this page, just sayin')


arbitrary things:

  1. i can move my eyes at different times in different directions

  2. i can walk on stilts

  3. halloween is my favorite holiday

  4. i'm in love with the idea of an alternate universe or dimension

  5. i put green tabasco sauce on my popcorn

  6. i had a hamster named puppy

  7. this is my favorite number (it shows up in my work and life a lot) (i also love the numbers 3, 13, and 31)

  8. most of the time, i prefer to sit on the floor

  9. i've had the same water bottle for 7 years

  10. i ask a lot of questions

  11. my bed in my childhood room is a circle

  12. my brother slammed my foot in a door when i was 4 and i almost lost a toe (i didn't though)

  13. i lived in cape town, south africa for 3 months