quinn costantini


my brand story

my brand (aka the tattoo on my arm):

it's a looong story.

the short version: i am my art. my life is my art. my art is my life.

the long(er) version: when i was studying abroad at chelsea college of fine art in london, i was going through a dark period in my life. i felt as if a part of me was missing - not the typical type of missing, but it felt like i physically was missing a part of my torso (specifically on my right side underneath my lower ribs).

i started to reflect on why i was experiencing such a physical absence in myself. most of what came up in this process was used to create the question wall. i kept searching for why i felt this way, and i found that it was because i hadn't created in a while. i hadn't put myself into an art piece that fulfilled me in quite a long time. it was because of this i felt an absence. 

once i realized that this is why my ribs were hollow, i felt like i needed to honor this discovery. i needed to remind myself constantly that part of me is art and the creation. 

i remembered a drawing i had done a year earlier in one of my sketchbooks. it was more of a doodle, but nonetheless, i remembered it and remembered feeling the same absence the day i drew it. i had my dad find it and scan it to me. it was a blind contour drawing i did of my own face.


the placement is on my right forearm, just below my elbow. this is because it is the closest to the location of where i felt the physical absence, while being on the arm that i create with (i'm a righty), and also visible to me on a pretty constant basis. 

orientation of the face is right side up when my arm is up, but upside down when my arm is by my side. i've always believed that there are alternate worlds, and that puddles are portals to worlds that reflect the one we are in in some way. this is why the face is upside down when my arm is by my side. the abstracted quinn is in the other world constantly and consistently creating when i physically cannot, and when i can, we come together in a mindful and conscious space to do our work.

i was struggling for some time after getting my tattoo to find a way to brand myself. i realized about 8 months later that my drawing-turned-tattoo was perfect. it is me. i am it. we are one. i am my art. i am my brand. it is all one thing.

... and there ya have it, folks.