quinn costantini

my alter ego

I’m a big believer in facets - we all have multiple of them that add up to be our whole. One of my facets is Quinn Daly, the instagram travel and adventure girl that loves a good picture.

I started this Instagram account in 2018 while I was living in Cape Town. I had so many nice pictures of myself, but my “artsy” instagram is all black and white and minimal. Thus, Quinn Daly - a place for all my colorful shenanigans. When on Quinn Daly, I am tapping into the bubbly and adventurous facet of mine and taking advantage of social media. Having this account has allowed me to travel, indulge, and live, while also performing a social experiment (which I will elaborate on in a later post).

For now, follow along and I’ll keep you updated on my travels on my Quinn Da(i)ly blog!